Large: 18 mm
X-large: 20 mm
Weeks: 3-52
Commitment: Starlight is a breakthrough for Prime Seedless. Starlight is an early season, and is a red seed variety with an excellent red / pink color. Berries are round, medium in size, sweet and crunchy.

Large: 17mm
X-Large: 19mm
Weeks: 51-1
Comment: Flame is the earliest red seedless variety with medium-large round berries and attractive red colour. It is a crisp berry with a distinctive juicy, sweet taste

Large: 16mm
X-Large: 18mm
Weeks: 4-11
Comment: Crimson Seedless is a mid-late red seedless variety with medium sized, elongated berries. The crisp and very firm textured berries have a sweet neutral juicy flavour. This cultivar also has exceptional shelf-life if harvested and packed at optimum maturity.