Our team

The work done on our farms by those who care and harvest our grapes is especially valuable in Marmar farms. Without these employees, we would not be able to offer our customers the safest and highest quality products. , Most of our workers are employees of Marmar farms and not hired by outside contractors. Every employee is a valued member of Marmar farms' workforce. As a family business of over 80 years, Marmar farms family members have a long history of working side by side daily with their employees and have great respect and appreciation for the important work they do.

Company manager

Ahmed Ahmed Ezz

Farm executive manager

  • ⁦+20 1020063374

Ahmed Ezz

General Director

  • ⁦+20 10000000000

Mohamed Ahmed Ezz

Executive Director of the Packing station

  • ⁦+20 1094659248